About our Labels

Blue Label

With 150mg of pure CBD, our Blue Label is an effective, yet budget friendly E-Liquid. Our Blue Label is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys heavy vaping throughout the day, or for those who only desire a smaller daily consumption of CBD.




Green Label

With 300mg of pure CBD, our Green Label is a noticeable step up from our Blue Label E-Juice. At twice the strength our Green Label is a great choice for those who still enjoy vaping throughout the day, but desire a higher dosage of CBD.




Gold Label

With 600 mg of pure CBD, our Gold Label provides a higher dosage of CBD and produces noticeable results. Our Gold Label offers a superior experience for those who desire a stronger CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil. Our Gold Label is a great choice for those seeking a higher dosage of CBD.




Purple Label

With 1000mg of pure CBD, our Purple Label is a highly concentrated CBD E-Liquid that offers almost immediate results. Developed for users who do not vape often, or for those who require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Purple Label is a premium product for those seeking a strong CBD E-Liquid vape experience. Our Purple Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.